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[Groop]RE: [groofest] GrooFest 2000 Bulletin #1

Gary Gross,

Look under each paragraph and I made a Response...

>> Registration for the entire 4 days of the Con, referred to as “Full
>> Membership”, is $45.00 if you get the registration in before April 1.
>> This saves $15.00.  Also if you register by mail before    ,  you get
>> badge in the mail and this eliminates one hoop of the several you have to
>> through on the first day of the Con.  These hoops (lines) are worth it
>> because you get into the con a couple hours before everyone else.
Can we register on the internet? You know credit card! That way we wouldn't
have to
worry about sending out "snail mail". I will check out the site but I just
wish things
could be alittle up-to-date around conventions. hehe!

>> As it stands right now, the official GrooFest 2000 activities
>> consists of Mark arranging for a room in the convention center around
lunch time and
>>us meeting (hopefully) with all 4 members of the Groo Crew and maybe the
>> current Dark Horse Editor, for conversation and pizza.  Now, I know this
>> doesn’t sound like much, but it is something to work with.   Also, we can
>> always do other stuff as a Groop.  Just having the opportunity to have
>> Groo Crew to ourselves for a while is pretty cool.  But maybe
>> we can come up with some goofy or fun ideas to make things even better.
We certainly
>> will want to get Groop Pictures at the very least.  I will find out from
>>how much time we get and I will bounce any ideas for what we want to do
>>Mark once we have chewed them over.
How do we register for the groo meeting? Do I e-mail you my name and how
many people?
What time should i get there too? Do we pay for the pizza?

>> Mark has indicated that the best day would be either Thursday or Sunday
>> because Friday & Saturday are much busier and Mark is always
>>running from panel to panel.  I figured this would be the case and I vote
>>for Thursday. So here is the first important question:
>>Does Thursday work for everyone?  If not, does Sunday work for everyone?
Im up for Thursday! Yet I dont know about everyone else because of their
Im with you either Sunday or Thursday.

PS-if you register me plz do it as Matt Erion and 1 extra person(2 ppl).

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