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[Groop]re reading list

SheikOfEntropy@aol.com wrote:
> I'll start by suggesting Lawrence Block's EVAN TANNER series of short
An excellent choice for a series.  I suppose you have
also read the Burglar series by Block.  Not quite as
good as the Evan Tanner series but still readable.  I
refuse to read any more of the Matthew Scudder novels.
     My first choice for a Groo-like read would be the
Harvard Lampoon parody of "Lord of the Rings"  called
"Bored of the Rings" Truly funny even if you haven't
read the original.
     For a series I would recommend the Dortmunder
series of funny crime novels by Donald E. Westlake. 
Dortmunder is a planner of small time heists and
burglaries.  For his jobs he puts together a "string":
a lockman, a driver, an alarm man, etc as the job
requires.  Then a beautiful plan starts to go wrong. 
In the first of the series; "the Hot Rock" they have to
plan and carry out four or five jobs as they follow the
fabulous Balabomo emerald around.  As one of the gang
says, "this is not what I had in mind when I went in
for a life of crime.  As with Evan Tanner; the books
best read in the order in which they were written.
   I had the whole list but seem to have mislaid it.  I
do know it starts with the Hot Rock, then Bank Shot,
Jimmy the Kid, Then I think it goes to "Nobody's

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