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[Groop]summer reading & confederacy of dunces art

Forgot to mention a couple worth mentioning in my previous post:

Shockwave Rider by John Brunner
Brunner was talking about our overly "mobile" society & ATM cards, etc.
decades before it happened. VERY good book.

Phule series by Robert Asprin
Same fellow who wrote the Myth-Adventures series. The first 2 books are
great, the third is good. Phule's Company is the first book. These
follow the (mis)adventures of Captain Phule & his misfit crew of cadets
as they take on dangers & bad guys from all over. Of course, Phule does
have his incredibly resourceful butler and an inexhaustible bank account
to draw on. And it turns out that Phule is anything but one... :)

Also, there's a website called "Literary Interpretations" run by a
friend of mine, Steven Gettis. The URL is:

The site is art by many notable comic (& other) artists with their
interpretations of famous characters/pieces/authors from literature. An
artist named Mark Martin did his take on Ignatius J. Reilly. Hope you



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