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[Groop]ME's Superman & Bugs Bunny (no spoilers)

Don't worry, no spoilers here folks...

Mark, I'm VERY impressed with your handling of the first issue of Superman & 
Bugs Bunny! Your dialogue is DEAD ON, I can hear Mel Blanc in all the Loony 
Tunes voices! I can't WAIT for issue 2. 

In fact, I already find myself discussing with friends our hope that DC plans 
to do a TPB collecting all 4 issues. If so, I intend to buy a half dozen or 
so just to give out to nieces, nephews & friends! I've already given away 
three extra copies of issue #1 to friends who I know will like it and buy the 

(Aside to Unirabbit, I'll mail yours shortly, I PROMISE!!! I'll wait for 
Issue 2 and mail them both)

See you in San Diego!

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Enter-Enta-Entra-Ento-CHAOS!!!

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