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Re: [Groop]Re: Summer reading list

I'm a big fantasy fan and the best series I've read (mebbe 2nd best after LOTR)
must be "The Belgariad" by David Eddings. It was the 1st fantasy books that I
have read and it really made me hooked onto the genre.

As for Sci-Fi, I would recommend the Wing Commander series for light reading and
Dune for heavier stuff. The WC series is action packed and nail biting, but
maybe I'm biased coz I loved the computer games first. Dune is wonderful book
that just transports and engrosses you into another universe. Great Stuff !

peace, bennido aka kool kat

Subject:  Re: [Groop]Re: Summer reading list

Dang, its hard to think of something to recommend, given the genres I read
most of what I'm trying out this summer have prolly been read by those
interested in it.

Hardcore Fantasy fans, check out the Wheel of Time series, Robert Jordan.
Very long, but engrossing, it won't even feel overly prolific, despite the
1000 pages per book.  I'm up to the second, and enjoying it.

Darmha Bums by Jack Kerouac.  I loved on the Road and others by him, finally
gonna read this one.  Great one of the beat writers of the fifties/early

Speaking of beat writers, I'm rereading William Burroughs Xterminator!  Of
all his free flowing thought writings, this one hits me the hardest, prolly
cause of the constant Navy references. : )

Comic wise, all those non regular comic readers (I know a lot of you read
Groo and nothing else from the comic store), of course as every summer I
reread the Watchmen, one of the best pieces of literature of the late 20th
century, by far the best piece of comic literature ever (IMO).  If you
haven't heard of it or been putting it off, now's the time to enjoy this
masterpiece.  I garantee you'll surprise yourself.
For humor fans, pick up the Deadpool TPB of his on going series, the best
(and funniest) thing Marvel has going now.  Also, Terry Moore's Strangers in
Paradise is a wonderful series, check out these TPB's if you get the chance.
No superheroes or funny swordsman, just dang good storytelling.


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