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Re: [Groop]OT: Weird Tales / R.E. Howard.

At 15:12 21.06.00 -0700, you wrote:
A friend of mine is looking to get some of the original Robert E. Howard
Conan  stories printed in Weird Tales from the '40s.  Ebay doesn't seem
to have many of them.  Does anybody know of any online sources that have
a decent selection?

Thanks folks!


Check out this tribute to weird tales:
it lists some collectors who are willing to part with their issues under "more info". However, I would not advise to do so, since these are probably expensive. Only a dozen or so collections of the original weird tales run is known to exist, and those collection are deteriorating rapidly, as the cheap pulp paper (thus pulp litterature or fiction) that the magazine was printed on does not age very well. The stories are better read as part of an anthology, which I am sure is available due to the popularity of Robert E. Howard's writing.

When we're on the subject, I'll just throw out a suggestion for the summer reading list, one of Howard's contemporaries, closests friends and litterary role-models the oft overlooked Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Anything by this litterary genious (whose tales also haunted the Weird Tales magazine) is a damned good read. Read and shiver. I could go on and on about this materialistic master of the macabre, and extraordinary autodidactic. But I'll spare you... I'm in a definite Lovecrafitan, Weird tales, sort of mood this summer.... i'll go but on some depressing music and light some candles now, and leave you alone for a while... but I'll be back with another hot reading tip... ;-)

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