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Re: [Groop]Re:lovecraft

At 10:46 AM 06/22/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>What do they leave at his grave?
>Love, from,

~~~ Little plastic monsters, pocket change, flowers, poems, books,
pictures, graphitti, bizarre cult paraphenalia, you name it.  The weird
thing is that people can find his grave at all.  It's very small and he's
buried under "Phillips" not "Lovecraft".  It was a family plot.  But
there's a massive tree that grows behind his grave that looks like the
living incarnation of the monsters in his books.... gnarled and twisting
and ominous....like tentales bursting from the earth, and reaching hundreds
of feet to the sky.   People have carved all kinds of strange symbols into
it.  I spent a weekend last summer making an 18"x24" pen and ink drawing of
it which now hangs, framed in my living room.  I even hid a tiny shadowed
figure in the background who if you can find him, is staring back at you
from behind a distant tombstone.

I never even really read HP until I discovered he was buried where I jog...
but I count myself lucky, that I'm one of the few people who have read Call
of Cthulhu while sitting under that tree...

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