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RE: [Groop]OT: Weird Tales / R.E. Howard.

Your friend is looking to get Howard's stories printed?  In magazines from
the 40s, no less?  I see two problems.  One its the year 2000 and time
travel hasn't been developed.  Your friend will be unable to do anything in
the 40s, whether it be publishing, communicating or pretty much just plain
ol' being.  Two, these stories were already published in those magazines
during the 40s, so I don't think it possible for your friend to do so.  

Seriously, I see that there are a few responses to your question, so if
those posts don't help, I'll ask a friend of mine who I know would have
something of an answer for you.


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A friend of mine is looking to get some of the original Robert E. Howard
Conan  stories printed in Weird Tales from the '40s.  Ebay doesn't seem
to have many of them.  Does anybody know of any online sources that have
a decent selection?

Thanks folks!


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