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[Groop]Hey everybody!

Hey, Rick Loomis joined the list and without his permission, I'm going to
post part of an exchange we had ('cause I'm that kind of guy).


>>Joke?  You mean Flying Buffalo? No, we are a real game company. We have a
>>webpage at www.flyingbuffalo.com
>No, no, no. I didn't mean Flying Buffalo was a joke! (Although "flying
>buffalo" would make a good punchline for a joke.) I went to your website.
>It looked real to me, but then again, I am a Groo fan. No, your message
>came through the Groo mailing list asking if there was a Groo mailing list.
>Very Grooish, Rick.
>>And Groo has always been one of my favorite comics. I was sorry they quit
>>publishing it.
>Well, they haven't exactly quit. More like sorta slowed down. Sign up for
>the list. It's fun! It's educational!! It's stupid!!!
>Chris AKA Glorko

Ah,  I see.  No - someone told me there was a mailing list, and I should
send a msg to that address. I assumed I would get a reply telling me how to
get on the list. I didn't know that was the actual list address! (And I did
get a reply telling me how to sign up for the list, so I guess it all works
out.) I have signed up to be on the list (and have looked at some of the
archived msgs - sorry I can't make comiccon in San Diego this year - i'd
like to come to that meeting).

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