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Re: [Groop]Random Question for Mark

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000 22:14:23 -0700, "Gary Grossmann"
<grossfam@olywa.net> wrote:

>This is not a Groo question, but Mark, I know you were one of the writers
>for Love, American Style.  One of the few episodes I sort off remember is
>the one where Paul Winchell and (I think) Sheri Lewis played ventriloquists
>(imagine that!) who can't communicate properly except by using their dummies
>until the end.  Or something like that.  Did you write that one? I always
>loved both Winchell & Lewis and a generation later my daughter loved Sheri
>too.  Both are sorely missed in the world of children's entertainment.

ME: I'm afraid I was not one of the writers for LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE.
I have, however, worked with Paul Winchell and I worked with Shari
Lewis on one project.  Wonderful folks.  In my living room, I have
exact replicas of Mr. Winchell's two main dummies, Jerry Mahoney and
Knucklehead Smiff.

>Oh, and what's the status of the Groo bookends and did the watch fall

ME: The bookends are waiting for Sergio to have time to finish some
more sketches.  I think the watch has fallen through.

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