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[Groop]Re: post #1

Richard Walker wrote:
> I have almost all the Call of Cthulu gaming stuff, including the rare cthulu
> U. graduation kit, this is my post #1, enjoy~!

Boy, I've been spending WAY too much time in the "real" world & not
enough time on the list. After the 2nd & 3rd messages with "this is post
#1", I was seriously going to send a note saying, "you said that
already!", but then when it showed on the fourth post, "slow of mind"
finally caught up! Gary & company, really wish I was coming. Turning out
to be a VERY busy summer in *many* ways. I could use an Evanier/Aragones
fix - especially in person!!

*sigh* And on top of all that, my comic store sold out of their
Supes/Bugs on the very first day. Thought they'd put one in my box as
they know I get all the Evanier/Aragones stuff. Their reply: well,
Sergio didn't work on that one.

Nice writeup on Sergio & Mark in the last comic shop news.

Stay silly, all!

former jester of Zoltron
(wishing he had his job back even if it does suffer a severe case of
termination at the feast. Everybody always did say they'd had their fill
of me!) ;)

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