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RE: [Groop]Howard/Lovecraft

Greetings fellow Howard-Lovecraftians.  I figgered there were a few of us on
this list.  

I am not a Howard expert but a slight correction to Gary's post.  Howard
stopped writing his Conan stories a few years before he committed suicide
(in 1939, I believe).  

Howard and Lovecrafts friendship is fascinating, as are both men as well as
their work.  Anyone see any Howard influence in this here list's main

Anyhow, Cross Plains Comics will be putting out two comic books shortly
which should be of interest to some.  First is Lovecraft's Call of Cthullu.
I think its a reworked reprint.  The second title to come out this summer is
Robert E. Howard's Horror.  Howard was extremely prolific, and wrote many
Lovecraftian Horror tales.  Look for 'em.

Cross Plains Comics (CPC), which won Diamond Distributor's Gem Award for
Best New Publisher of 1999, has put out a small number of very satisfying
books.  Ask for them by name.

I have dabbled with mailing lists in the past year or so.  Usually I
unsubscribe from lists I have joined because they end up being wastes of
time.  Currently I belong to four lists.  The Super Hero News provides news
and is worth it.  The Super Hero News Chat list is low traffic with many
interesting members, so that one is also worth it.  I love this list.
Humor, intelligence, Cheese-dip.  The final list I belong to is the
Crossplains list at egroups.com.  I also love that list.  Good talk, wide
variety of subjects, good people, etc..  If anyone is a fan of Howard,
Lovecraft or comic books, I think you would enjoy being a member of that
list.  Past topics have included (besides things directly Howard)Lovecraft,
DeCamp, Wagner, Movies, Pecan Rolls and Haggis, amongst much more.  I invite
any interested to join the list at:


I don't own stock--I just like the books and the people. 		

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Howard's Conan stories were published in Weird Tales from around 1932-1936
at which time Howard shot himself.  The stories that were put out in
paperback in a 12 book series by ACE in the late 60's and early 70's
included all of Howard's stories plus others by L. Sprague DeCamp and a
couple others.  In that series DeCamp also took outlines of Howard Conan
stories and finished them and turned other Howard non-Conan stories into
Conan stories.  DeCamp also edited all the Howard Conan stories to one
degree or another.

This kind of stuff drives purists crazy!  In response to this, Karl Edward
Wagner put together  a book that had 4 or 5 Howard Conan stories that were
taken directly from photos of Weird Tales pages.  I think the copyright is
about 1976 and it was a hardback.  I cannot remember the Title, but Wagner
wrote an intro and a you might be able to find it doing a cross reference of
Wagner & Howard.  Ironically, Wagner later joined the legion of authors who
have written Conan stories for TOR!

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