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Re: [Groop]Random Question for Mark

Hi Folks!

> ME: I'm afraid I was not one of the writers for LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE.

Doh! I got confused.  (I must be Groo)  You told a story at San Diego about
a show you worked on that was going to have both a American and European
version done, with the European version being more risque'.  I thought I
remembered that it was Love, American Style, but obviously I was wrong.  Was
it The Love Boat?

> I have, however, worked with Paul Winchell and I worked with Shari
> Lewis on one project.  Wonderful folks.  In my living room, I have
> exact replicas of Mr. Winchell's two main dummies, Jerry Mahoney and
> Knucklehead Smiff.

"Hooray!  Hoorah!  It's Winchell-Mahoney time!"

Hey, all this talk about Lovecraft reminds me of one of my favorite Groo
stories, #110, "Creature of the Night", featuring "Isagul".  This one is
kind of different because Groo actually does something rather  smart (!) in
order to render Isagul harmless (after repeatedly hacking him to pieces)
But if it's one thing Groo knows how to do, it's render things harmless,
useless, lifeless, etc. There are many great bits in it and Groo being Groo
combined with the subplot make it one of my favorites!  I wonder what
Lovecraft would say?      Take care all -Gary G.

-Gary G.

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