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RE: [Groop]Howard/Lovecraft

1936 is correct.  Not trying to be a nit-picker, but I just thought your
first post was a little off, in that it seemed that you suggested that
Howard wrote Conan stories up until his death.  I have been told that is not
the case.  Red Nails was published a substantial time (I believe years)
after it was first written.  There are other works of Howards which did not
see publication for years after they were written.  Fore example "Pigeons
from Hell" was published in 1938.  Just thought it was an interesting note
that Howard had moved on from Conan before his death.  Another interesting
fact, for any who like Conan but are unfamiliar with some of his other
characters like Kull, Solomon Kane, Steve Costigan, Bran Mak Morn, etc. is
that there are many other important works by Howard which can be found with
a small effort.

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> I am not a Howard expert but a slight correction to Gary's post.  Howard
> stopped writing his Conan stories a few years before he committed suicide
> (in 1939, I believe).

According to my info, he killed himself in 1936 and the last Conan story,
Red Nails, was serialized in the August, September, and October editions of
Weird Tales of 1936, at least in part posthumusly.

> Howard and Lovecrafts friendship is fascinating, as are both men as well
> their work.  Anyone see any Howard influence in this here list's main
> barbarian?

Actually, it's the other way around.  You see, the Groo legend has been
around for a long time....

-Gary G.

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