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Re: [Groop]HI!

Heh, heh, heh!  Now Darren, don't you pay any attention to Larry.  He's just
kidding!  And exaggerating.  A little.  -Gary G.

PS  btw, Darren, where do you live?

[note to Glorko-Darren can't read this since it's in brackets. Just in case
he's smart enough not to tell me where he lives, not likely since he's a
Groo fan, crank up the all-purpose Zoltronian e-mail address tracker]

> Oh no!!! A Groo tattoo! That means Dessesbo will need only need this to
> Groo List, he'll need to add Darren to his collection!!!
> Aside to Darren:
> Dessesbo is one of the many nicknames of Gary "I'm NOT obsessed"
> the single most obsessed Groo fan any of us (including Mark & Sergio)
> to EVER meet. Not content to merely have a complete Groo run, he hunts
> worldwide Groo appearances in ads, convention programs, MAD magazine
> Marginals, whatever! He even has editions of Groo printed in other
> He also keeps an ongoing list of all known Groo appearances, whether
> by Sergio or other artists. HAIL DESSESBO!!!

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com