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Re: [Groop]New Groo sighting??

Hi Rick!

Wow!  Thanks a bunch!  I missed that one completely.  It is definitely an
Original Groo Appearance, albeit a small obscure one, and will be placed on
the Official Unofficial Groo List!  I should send you a prize or something.
Man, that Sergio is getting trickier all the time, slipping in Groos right
under my nose!!    But the eyes of Groopies are everywhere!!!
Bwhahahahaha!!!! Thanks again Rick!

-Gary G.

(Now let's see, where was I.  Oh yeah, there's a shelf right over there
where I can probably fit the bottle that will contain Darren's Groo

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> On page 14 of the June 30th, 2000 issue #1389  of Comics Buyer's Guide
> there is an ad for Graphitti Designs moving plans. With this ad there is
> a Sergio drawing of a moving van with all kinds of product falling out
> of the rear of the van. And of course one of the items coming out of a
> box is a Groo t-shirt.
> Is this a new drawing? Gary??
> And everyone here knows that Mark writes a wonderful weekly column for
> the CBG, right??
> Rick
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