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[Groop]Groopers in Print!

Hi folks!  Nate here.  it's an unusual month for me!  For the first time in
my life, I have a comic in the new issue of Previews!  And I'm not
appearing once, but twice!

My comic, LINT McCREE MYSTERIES #1 is in this month's Diamond Previews
catalog listed under "AKF Comics" in the indie section.  Please do me a
favor and ask your local shop to order a couple.  I'd greatly appreciate
it. Check out the Lint site:  www.piekosarts.com/lint


Our very own groopmate, Rick Beckley (author of Whistling Past the
Graveyard on digitalwebbing.com)  is editing a new benefit book for the
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!  It's called OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS #1, and I
have a 2-page piece in it!  It's also in this month's Previews!  Perhaps
Rick would be so kind as to tell us about it.... Rick?

Thanks in advance!

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