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[Groop]News from M.E.

First off: For those of you sending in stuff to be autographed or
participating in the Great Groo Trading Card Exchange, my mailing
address has changed.  From now on, it's the new address down below.
(If you sent anything to me in the last week or two at the old
address,  I may or may not have received it.)

Secondly: The Sergio 'n' Mark Panel at the Comic-Con International in
San Diego is set for FRIDAY, JULY 21 at 12:30 in the afternoon in Room
18.  This is not a very large room and is pretty certain to fill to
capacity...so get there early.  Stan Sakai, Tom Luth and Scott Allie
will be on the panel, as well.

I am moderating at least 9 panels during the con.  I'll post a list of
them here in a week or so because some of them may be of interest to
you.  I'll also be signing stuff for an hour at the Dark Horse booth
on Sunday at 2PM.

Thirdly: The current issue of STAR WARS TALES from Dark Horse has a
short story by Sergio and myself in it.  Due to a printer's error, the
page up front with the credits was omitted from the book and will run
next issue...which will have another Sergio-Mark story in it.

SPACE CIRCUS, our next 4-issue mini-series from Dark Horse, will be
followed by a Markless Sergio mini-series...a sequel to LOUDER THAN
WORDS, although it may have an unrelated title.  Basically, it'll be
four issues of wordless, one-page gags.  That will be followed by
another GROO mini-series, date unknown.

No release date yet on the Groo bookends.  We have another bit of Groo
merchandise in the works and I hope the deal will be far enough along
that we can announce it at the con.  

That is all.
Mark Evanier's NEW Mailing Address is:
5850 W. 3rd St., #367, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com