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[Groop]Microsoft Grooed!

I can't believe I forgot to share this story with the Groop.... here goes...

Some of you know I design comic book lettering fonts, and give them away on
my site, BLAMBOT ( http://www.piekosarts.com/blambotfonts )  My fonts are
free for indie comic creators to use, any other commercial use incurs a
licensing fee be paid to yours truly.  Well... 3 weeks ago I get an e-mail
from MICROSOFT saying they want to license one of my fonts for use in a
game they are developing for their new X-Box system (to compete with

Seeing that this would be quite a feather in my cap, I readilly agreed and
named my price.  I told them for that price, they could use my font in
perpetuity (forever).

They said, "sorry, that's too expensive, and we just want it for a single

So I lowered my price.  Again they said it was "too high", and they just
wanted it for a "single use".

So yet again, I lowered my price (now grumbling to myself about these cheap
bastards)... and they finaly agreed... BUT all of a sudden they claimed
they wanted it for more than one use!!!!!  They tried to sneak it past me
in a contract, but I caught it.

I told Microsoft to go screw.  I was done playing their game.

Well..... last week, guess who came crawling back?   It seems their design
department had been using my font all along in this game, before they even
asked my permission.  So they were suddenly left with 2 choices:  Either
pay me what I originally wanted, or re-design the entire game....

Guess which one they picked?  ; )

Mwahahaha.  Microsoft grooed.  


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