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Re: [Groop]Microsoft Grooed!

Well, I know I don't post here an awful lot, but this deserves a big "well
done Nate"!
A post that left me with a rosy glowing feeling inside and an enigmatic grin

A good deal, well made!
I'll be back lurking if anybody needs me.

P.S. A big on-topic "I LIKE GROO LOTS" to everyone!

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From: Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com>
To: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
Date: 05 July 2000 19:34
Subject: [Groop]Microsoft Grooed!

>I can't believe I forgot to share this story with the Groop.... here
>Some of you know I design comic book lettering fonts, and give them away on
>my site, BLAMBOT ( http://www.piekosarts.com/blambotfonts )  My fonts are
>free for indie comic creators to use, any other commercial use incurs a
>licensing fee be paid to yours truly.  Well... 3 weeks ago I get an e-mail
>from MICROSOFT saying they want to license one of my fonts for use in a
>game they are developing for their new X-Box system (to compete with
>Seeing that this would be quite a feather in my cap, I readilly agreed and
>named my price.  I told them for that price, they could use my font in
>perpetuity (forever).
>They said, "sorry, that's too expensive, and we just want it for a single
>So I lowered my price.  Again they said it was "too high", and they just
>wanted it for a "single use".
>So yet again, I lowered my price (now grumbling to myself about these cheap
>bastards)... and they finaly agreed... BUT all of a sudden they claimed
>they wanted it for more than one use!!!!!  They tried to sneak it past me
>in a contract, but I caught it.
>I told Microsoft to go screw.  I was done playing their game.
>Well..... last week, guess who came crawling back?   It seems their design
>department had been using my font all along in this game, before they even
>asked my permission.  So they were suddenly left with 2 choices:  Either
>pay me what I originally wanted, or re-design the entire game....
>Guess which one they picked?  ; )
>Mwahahaha.  Microsoft grooed.
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