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Re: [Groop]'tis a sad day for me...

> They are dropping like flies!!!!   Finn, Chad, others before them and now
> Shane!  SHANE!!!!   Who doesn't even live that far away!!  Argghh and Argghh
> again!  And by the way, I have not heard from Magnus in quite some time!

I want to go but the problem is, I live on  the other side of the globe.....
Maybe the idea from the comic books of digging a hole in Malaysia  till it
emerge in San Diago can become handy.

> Shane, here is what you do.  Go to Pennsylvania, go to lunch by yourself on
> Thursday and then on Thursday night tell your work fellows that you must
> have eaten some bad Amish food for lunch that day because you feel violently
> ill.  Catch a red eye to LA (or San Diego) and you will get back in time for
> the Friday Groo panel and will still have been to 80% of the thingy for your
> job.  Of course, that would entail fibbing, so it's actually not a good
> idea.  (Right, Eric?)  But if you DO happen to get violently ill, it's
> something to keep in mind.

My friends when I was at the University used to use those kind of ideas to avoid
taking final exam (as it will considered as incomplete and not counted in the
CGPA) if they feel that they cannot pass the paper (the final exam carries about
60% of the final grade in most Malaysian University).  Some used the tobacco
water to be put into their eyes so that it will appears red and they can be
declared sick and unfit to take the final exam.

Anyway, that was a great idea, Gary.

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