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[Groop]original art question (OT)

Guys, I need some advice.  I'll be presenting LINT McCREE MYSTERIES and
Blambot Comic Fonts  at Chicago con this year.  I've been told most of the
indie people who set up in Artist's Alley are pretty low budget, so I'm
hoping my table will shine.  (Professionally printed books, giant stand-up
Lint McCree cut out, banners, disks of free fonts, and maybe even a 12"
tall hand-crafted Blambot statues who's eyes light up!)

Now, I'm going to be bringing some original art with me for sale.  This
raises 2 questions I need answered from you folks you have been to cons

1) How much should I charge for the original art?  I know I'm by far an
unknown.  The art for sale will all be 11x14" bristol pages, highly
detailed pencil drawings.  I'm thinking $25?  Too much?  Too cheap?  Click
here for a look at the kind of drawing I'm talking about:

2) When you buy original art at a con, does the artist just hand it to you,
or are they usually in some sort of protective vinyl sleeve?  

Thanks guys n' gals!

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