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Re: [Groop]original art question (OT)

Hi guys/grrls!

1) How much should I charge for the original art?
  I know I'm by far an unknown.  The art for sale
  will all be 11x14" bristol pages, highly
  detailed pencil drawings.  I'm thinking $25?
  Too much?  Too cheap?  Click here for a look at
  the kind of drawing I'm talking about:

Well, I dunno, but here are some prices that were charged at previous cons:

Shawn Van Briesen (published a few times in Big
Bang comics): pencil sketch $10.

Neil Vokes (published in Superman Adventures
comics): ink sketch $20.

Dan DeCarlo (published in Archie comics for around
45 years): pencil sketch $20.

Jeff Moy (published in Legion of Superheroes):
pencil sketch $25.

Dick Ayers (published in Marvel Comics): ink
sketch $35.

Neal Adams (published in Marvel Comics and DC
Comics): ink sketch head $100, ink sketch full
figure $350.

John Romita Jr. (published in Marvel Comics):
ink sketch head $25, ink sketch full figure

John Romita Sr. (published in Marvel Comics):
pencil sketch head $10.

Paul Dini (Animated Batman/Superman/Batman
Beyond writer): ink sketch free.

Rick Burchett (published in DC Comics):
ink sketch free.

John Delaney (published in DC Comics): pencil
sketch free.

Brent Anderson (published in Marvel Comics
and Astro City comics): ink sketch $30.

Bill Morrison (Futurama art director): pencil
sketch $10.

Steve Rude (published in Marvel Comics, DC
Comics, creator of Nexus): ink sketch $35.

Steve Lieber (published in Whiteout): ink
sketch $25 or $30.

2) When you buy original art at a con, does the
  artist just hand it to you, or are they
  usually in some sort of protective vinyl sleeve?

Usually, they just hand it to you. A good original art dealer will give you an 11x17 plastic bag, though.

See you.

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