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Re: [Groop]'tis a sad day for me...

schechner & associates wrote:

> > Erin & Becky came into play as well, and oh, heck,
> >>everything is very confusing!!!)
> >
> >~~~ No we know he's lying!  We all know there's no one named Becky....
> >
> >~Nate (The newbies might not get this) Piekos
> Are we REALLY sure there's a Gary? I mean, has anybody really seen him?
> Erin... um, I mean, Glorko

I've sent him some Malaysian newspaper reprints and recieve Groo comics
from him as our trade.  So the person is there as I get some Groo comics,
but I'don't know if his/her name is really Gary or Erin or somebody else
pretending  he/she is Gary.


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