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[Groop]Space Circus on CBR

this is in The Comics Wire on Comic Book Resources today...

                 PREVIEW: 'SPACE CIRCUS' #1 

                 It's a Norman Rockwell childhood, bent, folded and
                 spindled, courtesy of Mark Evanier and Sergio

                 "Once upon a time, kids used to run away and join
                 the circus ? the kind with smelly animals and smellier
                 clowns," Evanier told the Comic Wire on Sunday
                 night. "Today's kid runs away and joins the Doodah
                 Brothers' Astral Traveling Entertainment and Fun
                 Brigade, traveling from planet to planet with its band
                 of odd critters and performers. 'Space Circus' is the
                 story of just such a lad." 

                 The four issue Dark Horse miniseries is "one long
                 story, chopped up into 24 page chapters" and the first
issue is
                 scheduled to be in stores this Wednesday. 

                 Evanier and Aragones have worked together for more than a
                 producing their swords-and-stupidity comic "Groo." Might
"Space Circus"
                 be a science fiction counterpart to that long-running

                 "We don't think that far ahead. What happened here was
that I had the
                 idea and I told it one day to Sergio over lunch and he
said, 'That is
                 great! We have to do it! Pass the mustard!' Somehow, by
the time the
                 check arrived and we fought over who'd have to pay it,
we'd decided to
                 make it a mini-series ? though it could certainly lead to
more later." 

                 Given the length of their association, some people might
be surprised
                 that Evanier and Aragones seem so eager to work on so much

                 There's a simple explanation for that, says Evanier: 

                 "It's nice to work with Sergio on anything. I think it
would be a joy to
                 shovel steer manure if Sergio was manning the next shovel.
As a matter
                 of fact, there are times when ? well, never mind." 

                      ?It's nice to work with Sergio on anything. I think
it would
                      be a joy to shovel steer manure if Sergio was manning
                      the next shovel.?
                        - Mark Evanier 

                 Right now, Evanier's current book on store shelves is DC
                 "Superman & Bugs Bunny." With the second issue of the
                 four part miniseries now on shelves, some fans may be
anticipating its
                 end and wondering if there will be a sequel. 

                 "Beats me," Evanier said. "It was the toughest thing I
ever did in comics.
                 There are kids in Third World nations who make more per
hour sewing
                 Nikes then I did on this one. But it was a fun challenge
and so far, the
                 reaction has been pretty good ? something along the lines
of, 'I can't
                 believe you guys survived doing this.'" 

                 Meanwhile, Evanier is keeping busy with other ventures: 

                 "I'm working with Stan Lee Media where I seem to have been
given the
                 title Vice President of Creative Content. That's taking up
a goodly part
                 of my days. I also just finished writing a very silly
Scooby Doo video
                 game that'll be out in a few months, and I'm about to
start on an
                 animation project that's not quite firm enough to
announce. And, of
                 course, I have my day job at the John Rocker Charm School." 
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