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Re: [Groop]Groo Lunchbox use?

Thanks for the tip -- I'll keep my 'good' lunchbox in a bag with a pouch of 

Yup, there's no shortage of comments about the lunchbox.  And you should see 
the looks I get walking to work in the morning!  Priceless.

The lunchboxer,

Finn Smith <mulch3@hotmail.com> said: 

> My lunchbox is on display in my studio with my Groo books.  (I sealed it in 
> plastic as a precaution because my other metal lunchboxes gradually rusted 
> even though they weren't ever exposed to moisture or food . . .).
> Do you get comments on your box from your coworkers?
> finn
> >I was just wondering how many folks out there actually use their Groo
> >lunchbox for taking their lunch to school/work?  Personally, I take my
> >lunchbox to work everyday.  I have to say they're not very durable, so I
> >wonder if they were designed with the intention that people would use
> >them for lunch (or maybe just kids, and not big rough adult men? :-) -
> >good thing I bought two!
> >
> >I'm still looking to exchange my Lunchbox postcard by mail with another
> >Groopie.....
> >
> >Ruben.
> >
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