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Re: (Fwd) Re: [Groop]Groo News From M.E.

> At San Diego, is there still to be a special meeting of the groop, Sergio,
> Mark, Stan and the rest?
> Rick Beckley

Well, yes, and no. Mostly no, I guess, if you are a the-glass-is-half-empty
type of guy. (I'm not.)  Mark said in a message to the Groop that he hopes
to end the Open-to-all panel a little early so there can be some time for
just Groopies/Groopers. [Bwhuhahahahaha!!!!  Larry & I are currently
planning to hijack the entire Groo Crew @1:00, whisking them and all
Groopies present to Hamptons -a mere 2 hours away-for a late lunch of Groo
Burgers!! So again I say Bwhuhahahahaha!!!!  Now, onl;y people I want to
read this can read it when I put it in brackets, right?]

Actually, it's pretty easy to get time with Sergio & Stan individually,
since they are at their respective tables quite often.  I'm told their
tables are often together, but that has not been the case the past two
years.  Tom is hard to find because he doesn't have his own table and just
drops by here and there.  Mark is tough to find to talk to because he does
so many friggin' panels!

Hope that clarifies things for you.  Take care -Gary G.

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