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Re: [Groop]'tis a sad day for me...

Marvin wrote:

PS There is currently one Erin, two Becky's,

So what happened to the rest of them?

and a partidge in a pear tree
right next to the shed with no door.

...and of course Two Sheds won't even loan you one! And he has two doors! Greedy!

[Calling Zoltron Rebels! Calling
Zoltron Rebels! Time here growing short.  You must prepare the way for the
triumphant return of Glorko the Magnificent. You must...crackle crackle...

Whoops, forgot the closing bracket, which means everyone got the secret message! And its not even one of Mark's!

Besides, we all know the REAL Gary Grossman was replaced years ago by Blade Harvey, who's been spying and waiting for the time to strike...again!

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