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[Groop]This, that, and the other thing ...

Hi guys/grrls!

If you'd like a letter delivered to Sergio
at the San Diego Comic Con, there's still
time for you to send them to me.  Please
send them by Sunday, and include something
like "Please deliver to Sergio" in the
subject line.  (Kevin -- I've received
your letter.  No one else can read this
since it's in parentheses.  -- Or can they?!?)

Yes, yes, it's true -- I've seen Gary, and
he is not a computer virus or a figment of
your imagination!  Is he obsessed??  Is he
the #1 Groo collector in the world -or- is
that a sham?  Who knows?!?  In real life,
he could actually be Sergio's cousin Geraldo,
trying to drum up interest in his comic
books ...

See you.

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