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[Groop]Groop T-Shirts

Hi Folks!  It's T-Shirt Time!!!!!

Ok, here’s the deal.  The shirts cost $12.30 or so a piece, including
Washington’s horrendous state sales tax.  If you are picking up the shirt at
San Diego, send this amount to me.

Domestic postage is kind of a weird.  The shirts weigh 8-10ounces, depending
on size, which costs in the mid-two dollar range to send. But a decent
envelope weighs enough to push it over 11 ounces and anything between
11ounces and 2 lbs. costs $3.20 plus the envelopes cost something.  BUT, if
you send something in one of those cardboard Priority envelopes, it costs
the $3.20 and the envelopes are free so it all kind of works out and that’s
what I’m going to do.  Soooo, domestic folks add $3.20 and send me:  $15.50.

Multiple Shirt Folks:  Just multiply the $12.30 by the number of shirts and
add $3.20.

Canadians add $3.00 for postage and send me $15.30.

Other International folks:  Things vary a little and sometimes depend on
whether you want it in 10 days or 2 months.  From what I can figure out, the
best thing is to add $5-6.  So send me $18.00.  If you don’t mind waiting
for two months, send $16.00.  Azamin, don’t send anything.  Just add it to
my Groo Credit.

PLEEEAAAASE send the funds ASAP since I have already paid half for the
shirts and will be paying the other half upon delivery, which should be by
Saturday.  Thanks and take care -Gary G.  (or is it Marvin?)

Oh, yeah, My address is:

Gary Grossmann (or so they'd like you to believe)
8916 Blomberg Street SW
Olympia, WA 98512

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com