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Re: [Groop]This, that, and the other thing ...

> If you'd like a letter delivered to Sergio
> at the San Diego Comic Con, there's still
> time for you to send them to me.  Please
> send them by Sunday, and include something
> like "Please deliver to Sergio" in the
> subject line.  (Kevin -- I've received
> your letter.  No one else can read this
> since it's in parentheses.  -- Or can they?!?)
> ----->We can read it.  You used parenthesis.  Only brackets have the
> incognitive attributes necessary to rend a message invisible.  I think.
> Otherwise...

Then, we should use XML (like html, but using our own tagging to display
content) for our

ex. this example is for Gary only
<gary>  I'm starting to use it </gary>

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