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[Groop]Hello The Groop!!!

Hi gang!

I just moved into a new apartment in Queens, New York (Sheik of Queens? Isn't 
that a sitcom?), so I haven't read my email since the 2nd of July. 

So as not to overwhelm you folks with a whole lotta petty responses, I'll 
respond to everything I read with this one post. Here goes nuthin'...


Nate sez:

>Well..... last week, guess who came crawling back?   It seems their design
>department had been using my font all along in this game, before they even
>asked my permission.  So they were suddenly left with 2 choices:  Either
>pay me what I originally wanted, or re-design the entire game....

WAY TO GO NATE!!! *snff* Our little Nate is all grown up!


Nate also sez:

>Umm.... guys,  is Westfield a retailer or a distributor?  If it's a
>distributor, I never solicited through them....

What could be better news!? Word of mouth is growing if places where you 
didn't have a direct influence are ordering your book! Congrats again, Nate! 
It's well deserved!


Lia sez:

>Remember how someone discovered a few months ago 
>Middletown, NY had a street named Groo? 

That was Gary. 

TGD, Saad Azim and I were going to drive to Middletown and take a picture of 
us by the GROO ST sign, but when my car got wind of the plot it up and died. 
Perhaps some of you remember one of my many Grooisms where a previous car 
died after I put a GROO license plate on it!

Cars, ships, same thing!

Sometime this summer I do intend to rent a car and go take that picture. I'll 
let you guys know, so you can all sell your stock in Enterprise Rent-a-car...


Marvin Ribostat sez:

> I was (and still am) an airport janitor when Sergio came across me 
>in the Men's room and asked if I'd like to make a few bucks.  

Okay, I believe everything except this: why would you build a shed with no 
roof in an airport? HAHA!!! Caught ya, Dessesbo! Or did you think that I 
didn't know that Dessesbo is Russian for "Melted curds & whey." Explain THAT, 
why don't you!!!?


Gary (nee Erin nee Dessesbo nee Marvin nee cybererin... sez:

>Hi Folks!  It's T-Shirt Time... 


>The shirts cost $12.30 or so a piece, including Washington?s horrendous 
>state sales tax.  If you are picking up the shirt at San Diego, send this 
>amount to me...

Yup, I'm picking them up in San Diego, so the check is in the mail!

>Multiple Shirt Folks: Just multiply the $12.30 by the number of shirts... 

Gotcha! I'm getting two, one of each type (messages that are front/back on 
one style are back front on the next, right?)

>PLEEEAAAASE send the funds ASAP since I have already paid half for 
>the shirts and will be paying the other half upon delivery, which 
>should be by Saturday.  

$24.60, coming right atcha!!!


That's all folks! Do we have a final list of who is going to be in San Diego?

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik of Entropy

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com