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[Groop]I Love Space Circus!!

Hi Folks!

Sorry about the 6 posts or whatever it was last night.

Anyway, I have just barely started reading Space Circus and I already love
it!!!  Just looking at the front and the back, reading the indicia page and
skimming through it looking for Groos, I can see it must have been a blast
for the Groo Crew to do (well, I'm not sure if it was fun for Tom).

I assume that all of the intricate drawings of the circus and space stuff
and all the aliens and the goofy things they are doing was really, really
fun for Sergio.  I hope so, because it is great, great stuff!  I will have
tons of fun and spend a lot of time examining and marveling at these
drawings.  And Tom's coloring is fabulous!  He must end up making about 50
cents an hour on some of the pages, but I sure do appreciate the work.

Questions for ME:

Mark, did you write the indicia page intro and was it your idea to put it in
old-timey circus poster form as well as verbage?  Whose ever it was, it is a
great idea and done to perfection!

You may have covered this before, but is this a Sergio/Mark collaboration
that is pretty much written by Mark and drawn by Sergio, or did Sergio have
a hand in developing the story.  I know it is different with each job.

I noticed as I was scanning through looking for Groos that there is a part
where a robot is speaking where the lettering looks pretty much like Courier
font (or however you spell it).  I assume it is still hand lettering by
Stan, right?  Who decides that the lettering will be different from the norm
in a situation like that?

Anywho, I will actually sit down and read it tonight or tommorrow and I'm
sure I won't be disappointed on that front either.

by the way, There is a small Groo & Rufferto in the third panel of what
would be page 12 if the pages were numbered.  And after scanning for tiny
Groos, what hits me right in the face but a full page original art ad for
the Groo & Rufferto trade paperback!  I looked through some other, earlier
DH comics and couldn't find it.  There is also an ad for the Groo Jamboree
which may have an original drawing on it.  Whohoo!

Take care all -Gary G.

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com