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Re: [Groop]The T-Shirts Are Here!!


I'm glad to hear you're so excited about the Groo tunics. I am excited now (I mailed a check last week--you should receive my kopins any day now). Don't fret if you can't send my shirts off until you get back. I understand you have a lot going on with Groofest, etc. I've got to go now-- Things
From Another World just notified me that my copy of the Groo Jamboree is in
. . .



Hi Folks!

The Groop T-Shirts are here in my house! WhooHoo!! I am wearing one as I
write this. I think they look great. So does my wife (a better judge of
such things than I.) She thought the font was particularly cool (kudos to
Ozzie the shirt maker washed all the shirts before doing the silk screening,
so there will be no additional shrinkage.

by the way, I will be gone from this Thursday to the following Saturday, 9
whole days.  So most of the shirts won't be sent off until then, assuming I
have received your kopins in the mail.

Take care all -Gary G.

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