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Re: [Groop]Groo Lunchbox use?

Well, I think it is a crime *not* to use your lunchbox.  Admittedly, mine is
really quite dented and scratched up already, but that's why I bought two of
them.  I might even bring mine to San Diego to hold snacks, cheesedip and


Nate: if you want to save on postage, you can just hand-deliver Lint #2 to me
at SDCC.

Roland Mueller wrote:

> I used my Groo Lunch box for a couple of days at work.  It sure attracted
> alot of attention.  People were askling what those colorful characters on
> the box were.  I stopped using it, however, because I was afraid of
> scratching and denting it.
> Roland
> Ruben Arellano wrote:
> > I was just wondering how many folks out there actually use their Groo
> > lunchbox for taking their lunch to school/work?  Personally, I take my
> > lunchbox to work everyday.  I have to say they're not very durable, so I
> > wonder if they were designed with the intention that people would use
> > them for lunch (or maybe just kids, and not big rough adult men? :-) -
> > good thing I bought two!
> >
> > I'm still looking to exchange my Lunchbox postcard by mail with another
> > Groopie.....
> >
> > Ruben.
> >
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