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Re: [Groop]'tis a sad day for me...

Ok, now this is getting silly!

I could be Gary,

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> Various Groopies wrote:
> >>> Are we REALLY sure there's a Gary? I mean, has anybody really seen
> >>>him?
> >>
> >> Yup, I've seen him. Two times even.
> >>
> > I've sent him some Malaysian newspaper reprints and recieve Groo comics
> > from him as our trade.  So the person is there as I get some Groo comics,
> > but I'don't know if his/her name is really Gary or Erin or somebody else
> > pretending  he/she is Gary.
> OK OK.  The time has finally come.  It's time to admit it.  It's true.  I
> don't really exist.  I mean, yeah, I am a person who pounds away at his
> computer sending ridicules messages to you all; and Ruben and Shane and Eric
> have actually seen a flesh and blood person answering to the name of "Gary";
> But the whole concept of Gary Grossmann, the Most Obsessed Groo Fan in the
> Universe (and beyoooonnnnnnd!) is nothing more than an elaborate hoax
> thought up by Sergio & Mark!
> Think about it.  A 45 year old man with an otherwise Ward Cleaver existance
> spending almost all his spare time hunting the world over for every scrap of
> paper on which Groo has been printed?  And this guy JUST HAPPENS to have one
> son in a tiny, academically exclusive college where the creator of the Groo
> mailing list also goes/went and another son who JUST HAPPENS to go to
> college 15 minutes away from the headquarters of the current Groo Publisher?
> It's all a little too much to swallow if you ask me!
> Here's what happenned.  Mark created "Gary Grossmann" as joke to amuse the
> mailing list.  When Sergio was going to Vancouver BC, in Ruben's backyard,
> he decided to have the mythical Gary G. appear.  I was (and still am) an
> airport janitor when Sergio came across me in the Men's room and asked if
> I'd like to make a few bucks.  Having been asked that question many times
> before during the course of my employment, I was just about to level him
> with my mop and call Security, when he sort of was able to explain in that
> goofy accent of his (which I didn't buy for a minute!) what he wanted me to
> do. So I showed up on que at the Vancouver Con and things have sort of
> snowballed from there.
> Incidently, I'm not sure if "Ruben" actually exists either.  For all I know,
> the guy I saw in Vancouver and Seattle calling himself Ruben was hired just
> like I was.  The Sergiography & Groo List concepts are a little too similar
> if you ask me.
> So what about all the stuff on the Groo List, you ask?  Beats the heck out
> of me!  I don't even know if half of it exists!  I just add stuff that you
> folks tell me about and then I add whatever Mark tells me to.  I mean come
> on folks, how the heck is anyone gonna find a Turkish comic book?
> And what about all the stuff I've written in the last few years?  Well, some
> of it I wrote-which is not bad for an airport janitor-and some of it Mark
> wrote.  Let me put it this way.  If you thought it was funny, I wrote it.
> If it wasn't funny, Mark wrote it.
> And finally, you may ask, what does one get paid for assisting in this great
> charade?  Well, once again I must say, beats the heck out of me? Sergio told
> me to see Mark about getting paid, something about his green card doesn't
> allow him to have employees.  Mark keeps referring me to people who owe HIM
> money, which seems to be everyone who ever sold a comic or put on a
> convention.
> So there you have it.  The whole sordid story.  I feel so much better now.
> Take care all -Gary G. (real name Marvin Ribostat)
> PS  There is currently one Erin, two Becky's, and a partidge in a pear tree
> right next to the shed with no door. [Calling Zoltron Rebels! Calling
> Zoltron Rebels! Time here growing short.  You must prepare the way for the
> triumphant return of Glorko the Magnificent. You must...crackle crackle...
> fizzzzzpftttfttttbeeeooooo..pop!!!
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