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Re: [Groop]Q for ME re EISNER AWARDS

>Are the EISNER AWARD festivities on Friday night open to all convention attendees, or is it limited to industry insiders and/or invitation only?
>Gary had mentioned a while back that he thinks THE GROOP should attend the awards in our new orange GROOP@GROO.COM shirts and shamelessly root for the Groo Crew. Is this feasible?

ME: Yes.  There are two areas in the ballroom.  The front section is
reserved for nominees, presenters and some professionals.  The main
section is open to anyone on, I believe, a first come/first served
seating basis.

Sergio is up for a few awards and I think Stan is up for something, as
well.  Sergio will also be presenting the Hall of Fame Awards.  I
probably won't be there as I have a business-type dinner meeting.

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