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RE: [Groop]!@#$&!

Maybe this isn't such a bad idea.  You could assign a symbol (like, say,
"$") for letters (like, say "S").  You could make new funky symbols when you
run out of those provided on the key board.  Thus the swearing author could
just type out whatever they wanted to swear and they could get the
appropriate censor code.  That way, people could know exactly what invective
was just used, rather than wonder, endlessly, what did that guy say?

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I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I got another e-mail from a
patron of my Blambot Font site which made me think of Grooisms... I think
I've had about 3 people ask for this:

>"(Name withheld so as not to draw ridicule)
>Hello!  I really like your Blambot site and I was wondering, you know when
a character swears in a >comic and they put those little symbols instead of
the swear?  Do you have that font?"

I still haven't figured out how to inform them of their folly without
sounding too patronizing.... but it's good for a laugh!

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