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RE: [Groop]groo card game/JOSH message

--- "Jeff Kozicki (ADESA)" <JKozicki@ADESA.com> wrote:
> I have my Groo Card Game (both the base and the
> expansion) hermetically
> sealed in a mayonnaise jar and ready for transport
> to SD this evening.
> Who's up for a game of senseless destruction????


I can play GROO: THE GAME and make egg salad at the
same time! This is why I love America!

By the way, since I was waiting to find out which days
my California friends wanted to attend before
registering, I've now missed the opportunity to even
register late online. So now you guys get to look down
upon my tortured soul while I wait and wait and wait
on The Big Line Thursday Morning.

Did I err? 

My question to all you Groo Fans who DIDN'T screw up
and actually registered months ago is: 

"How can you call yourself Groo Fans and not totally
screw up! Harumph!"

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy 

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