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[Groop]Gabe's Going on vacation

OK Gropers, Gabe's on vacation as of this afternoon for fun in Southern IL for a wedding and prewedding celebrations with some old shipmates, then to a different kind of convention all together...Botcon, the yearly celebration of Transformers in Ft. Wayne, IN next weekend. To all of those going to the San Dog con, sorry I missed it, but I can't do both so close together and I've been trying to go to this one for 3 years (and they move it every year trying to avoid me...but I caught them this time! Muwhahahahahaha-erm, yeah.). Gary, if that is your real name (though I can't imagine anyone picking Grossman as an alias), the check is, um close to being in the mail. Should I make that payable to Gary, Erin, Becky, Zoltron Alliance, Grossman Shed Door Fund?
Anyhow, I should make next years, as I'll still be in CA. Of course, tis better to wait out and see how any convention handles that many Groopers at once.

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