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> Groo obviously has the same effect on cars as on ships.
> How did you do it, Gary? Do you have some sort of Rufferto talisman in the
car or something?

The only thing I can figure is that since my daughter is such a HUGE lover
of dogs and she and her dog often ride in the car that there is a "Rufferto

>Gary had mentioned a while back that he thinks THE GROOP should attend >the
awards in our new orange GROOP@GROO.COM shirts and shamelessly >root for the
Groo Crew. Is this feasible?

>ME: Yes.  There are two areas in the ballroom.  The front section is
>reserved for nominees, presenters and some professionals.  The main
>section is open to anyone on, I believe, a first come/first served
>seating basis.

> Sergio is up for a few awards and I think Stan is up for something, as
> well.  Sergio will also be presenting the Hall of Fame Awards.  I
> probably won't be there as I have a business-type dinner meeting.

Ha!  A likely story Mark!  You just don't want to be there when we all show
up!!!  (Actually, I don't blame you.)

And Gabe!, enjoy the transformer con!  Maybe they could make a Groo
Transformer.  He could transform from Groo into a, um, er, hmmm.  Ah!  I
know!  Groo could transform into a brick or something else as intelligent as
he is.

In a few hours I take off for the con!  Whoohoo!  Take care all and see a
few of you down there.  -Gary G.

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com