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[Groop]San Diego!!!

Hi Folks!

Back from my two days in San Diego and in moments I will be leaving for the
full meal deal family vacation.  (Just a minute, Hon'!) Haven't even hasd
time to read the 20 or so posts from everyone.  More later, but here is the
down and dirty report:

It was FANTASTIC!!!  Anyone who does not love Sergio is, by definition, an
evil person!!  The same goes for Mark & Stan & Tom.  I met tons of folks who
agree with me, incluidng a large contingent of people from Mexico who are
all just the most wonderful folks!!!

Meeting up with the 7 or so other Groopies was really great.  They are all
cool guys in person.  (But I'm surprised we got out of that place we had
dinner alive. Eric is just a party animal! (And by the way guys, I really
COULD have beat that waitress in arm wrestling. Maybe.))

The Groo panel was a lot of fun.  The shirts went over very well with
everyone.  Greg made a special presentation to the Groo Crew that was really

Jeez, I gotta go!  But let me tell you that wearing something as flagrant as
an orange shirt that identifies you as a Sergio fan is like a magnet for
meeting lots and lots of really cool people!!!

Take care all -Gary G.

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com