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[Groop]help me, please

hi... i´m from Panama republic of Panama, you know in central america...( sorry for my english)  i was a fan of groo since i remember, but... all my copies was stolen from my home 7 years ago... since then i can only see mark in garfield tv show, an sergio in mad´s side lines, so... its not the same you know... any way... i wonder if you could help me with a book store, maybe in miami, because i have an adress there, where i can buy as many copies i can, and maybe a couple of books... please, you have no idea how happy i am since i found this site, now i have 27 but i remember groo always... if the place you can recommend have a site or a email, better... please let me know anything asap...
thank you very much
Juan Carlos Adames
Just Music S.A.