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[Groop]Groo Fest

Hi guys/grrls!

I think Gary Grossmann, Larry Steller, me (whoever
I is), Jeff Kozicki, Sean McCoy, Ruben Arellano,
Scott Hudlow, Greg Craill, and Rich G. attended the
1st annual GrooFest at the San Diego Comic Con!

Well, actually, there was no GrooFest ...  There was
the usual Groo panel on Friday afternoon, which
featured Mark Evanier, Sergio Aragones, Stan Sakai,
and Tom Luth.  There was also the mailing list mem-
bers decked in orange t-shirts (with "Did I Err?"
on them) and orange badges (with "obsessed" on
them) sitting in the first two rows (and Scott in
the back of the room since he got in late).

Of course, there's never a dull moment when you
wear an orange "Did I Err?" t-shirt.  About 10
minutes before the panel started, I walked over
to Sergio's table in the exhibit hall.  Sergio
wasn't there.  Gary was watching Sergio's table
(and Sergio's stuff).  I said, "Hey -- you're
not Sergio!" and "It's time to go to the panel."
Gary says, "I know, and I'm getting worried!!"
(since Sergio wasn't back yet).  Gary shows me
his paper mustache, which he drew with a black
marker and then cut out into a mustache shape.

Anyway, he asks me to run up to Room 18, where
the panel is, and ask Mark for help.  He says,
"Tell Mark I'm stuck watching Sergio's table.
Please send someone to replace me."  (So that
Gary can attend the panel.)  So, I race to
Room 18, which is the 2nd farthest room on the
2nd floor.  The room is already packed.  The
groopies/groopers are in the first two rows,
and the panel members (except Sergio, who is
still missing) are at the front table.

I said to Mark, "Gary is stuck at Sergio's
table.  Can you send someone to replace him?"
Mark says, "Gary is stuck?!?  I guess we'll
have to start without him ...  I don't know who
we could send.  Everyone is in the same boat.
If I send someone to replace him, that person
will miss the panel ..."

** Gasp! **  A Groo panel without Gary!

So, I race back to Sergio's table.  Sergio
still isn't back yet!!  Gary sees me racing
back to the table -- it can't be good news!
I tell Gary what Mark said.  Crestfallen,
Gary is resigned to his fate ...  He tells
me to hurry back to the panel, and if I see
Sergio, to ask Sergio to send someone to
replace him at Sergio's table.  He also
tells me to put on my orange t-shirt (for
the half-dozenth time) ...

What would the Groo panel be without Gary?!?
After traveling all the way from Zoltron,
uh, I mean, from the Pacific Northwest, carry-
ing a suitcase full of orange t-shirts, and
after planning for a year for this panel,
Gary is stuck at a table with only a paper
mustache as consolation ...  This can't be

I tell Gary that I'll watch the table, and
that he has to go the panel!  He insists
that I go instead!!  I insist that he goes
instead!!  I said I'll go to the panel after
Sergio gets back.  Gary reluctantly agrees
to go ...  He says, "Tell Sergio I didn't
just abandon his table."  (since I'm forcing
him to leave it).  Gary leaves me his paper
mustache and hurries off ...

10 minutes -after- the panel starts, Sergio
races to his table.  I tell him, "You have
a panel!"  He already knew.  He asks Scott
Shaw if he can pay Scott's nephew to watch
the table.  I walk out from behind Sergio's
table.  Sergio is putting on a Tick (character)
mask, showing it to everyone.  He then spots
Gary's paper mustache, and holds it up in front
of the Tick mask.  I'm thinking, "Uh, Sergio,
you have a panel."

Sergio is about to leave when a lady says,
"Hi Sergio."  He speaks with her for a few
moments.  I'm thinking, "Uh, Sergio, you have
a panel."  He then holds her baby for a little
while.  I'm thinking, "Uh, Sergio, you have
a panel."  Then, he greets her other child,
noticing a toy pony.  Sergio picks up the
pony and pretends that the pony is galloping
for the child.  I'm thinking, "Uh, Sergio, you
have a panel ..."

We race to Room 18, which is still the 2nd
farthest room on the 2nd floor.  There's a
sign on the room that says "Room Full".
Sergio tries to go in, but the attendent
stops him.  The attendent tells us, "Sorry,
I can't let you in.  The room is full."
Sergio looks perplexed.  I said, "But, he's
the artist!!!"  The attendent says "Oh ..",
and moves out of Sergio's way.

Sergio enters the door, and I quickly follow
him through so that the attendent doesn't
stop me.  If the attendent stopped me, I might
have had to tell him that I was Sergio's
translator!  Everyone in the rooms turns
around and sees Sergio -- the room breaks out
in applause ...

See you.

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