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[Groop]Message from M.E.

Hi, all.  A pleasure to see so many of you at San Diego! 

I apologize if anyone was unable to get into the Sergio-Mark-Stan-Tom
Panel.  The con has promised us a much larger room next year.

Dark Horse printed up little promo cards for SPACE CIRCUS and then
neglected to bring enough to the event.  They are supposedly sending
me a large batch of them and when they arrive, Sergio and I will sign
a batch for members of the Groop here.  I'll announce when you should
send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for yours.  (DON'T send it
now; I'll only lose them.)

I see someone is now selling them on eBay.  Do not pay for one.

Mark Evanier's NEW Mailing Address is:
5850 W. 3rd St., #367, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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