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[Groop]Did I Err?

Well I don't have much to add re: The GrooFest what was CCI:SD2K other than
to pass along my eternal gratitude to Mark Sergio, Stan, and Thom for being
some of the best and most gracious people I have ever met, even to a fanboy
like me, and to pass along special thanks to Gary for organizing and
implementing the great T-Shirts.  This way, my belly didn't have to hang out
of my much too small t-shirt, and it was nice and clean    ;-)

On other topics, Larry S.  wanted me to pass along the following event that
happened on Friday as we were all leaving around 5 o'clock (sorry I missed
the Groop dinner, family was calling).  I was mentioning that I had never
had the courage to post to the groop what Dessesbo meant.  I have only been
lurking here for about two years and figured it was a joke from before my
time.  As I'm saying this, I am holding the little clip on sign that Eric
had handed to me on Thursday (Thanks to Eric for making them (or whomever,
that is who I got mine from)) that read Obsessed.  I was even holding it
upside down.

Larry just started laughing as he realized I hadn't gotten it until that

I just wondered what he meant when he called me slow...

Jeff "Insert Funny Animal Name Here" K
"The man who doesn't read has no advantage over the man who can't."
-- Unknown

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