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RE: [Groop]Fanboys

I think he's refering to all producers of dairy products.

(sorry guys, just a really obscure reference that Ariel reminded me of.)


>I certainly do not speak for Warren Ellis, so what I understood his venomous
>rant to be may not be what he intended.  Larry, I think you may have gone a
>bit too far with his attack.  I read over it again, and it is clear that he
>is going off on a particular group of people.  The question is who is that
>group of people.  I don't see anything attacking people who read comic books
>in and of that exclusive fact.  Rather what I see is an attack on comic book
>fans who attend comiccons.  Actually, he attacks more than that.  He
>mentions several non comic book examples.  He goes off on Trekkies etc.  It
>seems to me that he is attacking people that go to cons of whatever nature.
>I am not defending his position.  I am not attacking his position.  I have
>not been to a con in many many years, and then it was mostly a group of
>tables with comic books for sale.  I feel pretty confident that there are
>people such as Ellis describes at the cons.  Are they everyone that attends?
>I doubt it.  Are they the majority?  Maybe.  Is it Ellis' right to say he
>don't like being around those kind of people?  Yes.  Is it his right not to
>go to cons?  Of course.  Could his distaste for one part of the comic book
>whole effect the way he is perceived?  Again, yes.  Does he care?  No and I
>don't care if he cares.  If he talks too much spit (for Eric's well being)
>he will have to deal with the problems of people who talk too much spit.
>Ellis is certainly an emotional chap and I don't have a hard time believing
>that he sees 10 freaks for every one that actually presents himself.  Sorry
>for the nature of this post.  I'll get back on topic.

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