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[Groop]Re: Groop

Hi guys,
I'm new to the groop. I went to the Groo panel in San Diego and saw the 
shirts with the email address on the back and had to log on. The panel was 
great. Mark and Sergio are always entertaining while Stan and Tom politely 
sit and smile at everybody. They must feel like Letterman, when he has a 
guest like Robin Williams on. The bloke from New Zealand (sorry didn't get 
your name) should have won a prize or something for traveling all that way to 
attend. Thanks for the entertaining hour everyone. 
    I just read the piece on Warren Ellis. I didn't see anyone at the con who 
had snot dripping off their top lip. That must unique to Warren's fanbase. I 
would much rather be in the company of the fans in San Diego than in the 
presences of a bitter and complaining twit who reeks of fish and alcohol. 

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