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Re: [Groop]Did I Err?

well Gary or anybody else who went there, can you tell me what other people in
the groo panel room think about that groo T shirt.  Did they ask you where to
buy it? or "how to get it?" or "what is that shirt?" or  "how to join the
list?". I'm just curious on response from other Groo fans who are not groop

"Jeff Kozicki (ADESA)" wrote:

> Well I don't have much to add re: The GrooFest what was CCI:SD2K other than
> to pass along my eternal gratitude to Mark Sergio, Stan, and Thom for being
> some of the best and most gracious people I have ever met, even to a fanboy
> like me, and to pass along special thanks to Gary for organizing and
> implementing the great T-Shirts.  This way, my belly didn't have to hang out
> of my much too small t-shirt, and it was nice and clean    ;-)

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