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RE: [Groop]Fanboys

At 11:49 26.07.00 -0500, you wrote:
I think he's refering to all producers of dairy products.

(sorry guys, just a really obscure reference that Ariel reminded me of.)

Oh, shut up, bignose! ;-)

The Knight Who Says Cheesedip

It is not the intent of this letter to indicate in any way that Glorko (also known as Chris) has a big nose, or that I, that is, the Knight Who Says Cheesedip, knows anything regarding the shape or size of the nose belonging to Glorko (also known as Chris). He may or may not have a big nose. He may have the earth's largest trunk, or the world's tiniest prick in the middle of his face (or whatever goes for a face on a Zoltronian, but that is besides the point. The point is that I, the Knight Who Says Cheesedip, knows nothing of this. The Intent of this short electronic mail, was to indicate that I, the Knight Who Says Cheesedip, believes I have successfully deciphered the so-called obscure reference made in Glorko (also known as Chris)'s original response to Ariel's mail, who I believe is in fact not a Zoltronian, and whose nose I know absolutely nothing about. Actually, to be Frank, or perhaps Joe... or maybe even Leonard (that's a good name...), I know very little about noses. I am especially ignorant when it comes to how exactly the nose works. The nose has always been a great mystery to me. I know how the ear works, and I have seen countless charts of its inner workings, but when it comes to the nose... nothing... nada... I have considered opening up a nose or two, just to see how it works... but so far constant medication have kept me from fulfilling this dream... perhaps tonight I will be able to fool the nurse.... a day without medication... that would be nice... running around free... on the countryside... on the green grass... feeling the sun on my naked body, as I lie there in the green fields watching the noses grow...

P.S. Cheesedip

-"All right! That's it! It's gotten Silly!"
        - Monty Python's Flying Circus

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